The RLPG is a firm dedicated to making a difference in the way you do business.  We thrive on innovative and dynamic business solutions proven to be effective and profitable.   We are bottom line driven.

Your bottom line is our top line of concernOur Retail Support Service offering is unique to the industry, and our focus is on deliverables with impact and a solid return on investment.

RLPG has been providing proven solutions to some of the largest companies in the world.  For a list of our current and past client logo's, click on the Clients Tab located at the top right of this page.

The RLPG works with business leaders of companies of all sizes to strengthen business models, create continuity, assist with executive development, enact long range planning, sharpen business targets and develop strategy, as well as position businesses for greater success.  

If you are a Retailer and you have loss prevention, asset protection, risk management, physical security or retail shrink issues, the RLPG has the solution set you are looking for.  Our extensive experience as end-users and retail LP executives allow us to share the successfully developed tools used to impact losses in some of the largest retailers in the world with you and your team.   When you engage the RLPG; you are not an experiment, or a learning lab, you are the benefactor of years of proven and results driven processes.

The RLPG also proudly partners with select sound, vetted, retail solution providers who have the finest tools to round out your technology needs.  Our provider partners are world class leaders in their industry and are focused on customer service, value and innovation.  We select only those companies who have passed our stringent vetting process.  If we bring a vetted partner to your company, you can rest assured that they are capable of delivering on our promises.

If you are aBUSINESS in search of sound leadership support sharpening your mission, vision and values, or aRETAILER looking forLOSS PREVENTION & SHRINK SOLUTIONS, or a SOLUTION PROVIDER looking forNAVIGATIONalong theRETAIL VERTICALor you are seeking SECURITY SERVICES, look no further than the Retail Loss Prevention Group!