Protecting Your People and Assets

Providing Security Consulting and Senior Advisory Support

The RLPG is a diversified and multifunctional team.  We have skill sets born and developed in ever-changing, and challenging security dynamic.

Our team is trained to perform and advise along the entire security spectrum and we hold professional certifications as well as the best training possible.  Top RLPG group team members are either trained veterans of the US Military services or are law enforcement veterans, or both. Our team members have advanced educational degrees and the highest industry certifications.  As well most team members with RLPG have held executive level positions with top Fortune companies.

With this vast security experience the RLPG is able to provide your organization:

Security Assessments: 

  • Physical Security Reviews
  • Central Station Build-Out Assessment
  • Continuity Planning
  • Facility Security Analysis
  • Logistics/Transportation/Warehouse Security Review
  • Active Shooter Training Assessment
  • Security Gap Analysis​

Executive Protection Services:

  • Develop and Build an EP Team
  • Existing EP Team Training
  • Provide EP Consulting
  • EP Supervision
  • ​EP Deployment

Security Consulting:

  • ​Global Plan Design and Deployment
  • Validation Assessments
  • CCTV/Alarms/Tools Implementation
  • ​Security Training & Development
  • Employee Training & Awareness Programs
  • Audit Tools
  • Event Security 
  • ​Command Center Development & Support

Utilize 75+ years of executive security management leadership and let the RLPG help manage and mitigate your risk. here.